Our contribution

Dometic contributes to a more sustainable world by enabling people to enjoy and explore nature - locally and more frequently.

We do so by offering innovative, durable, low-carbon products, that inspire an active, comfortable and responsible life in the outdoors.

Couple Biking

A sustainable lifestyle

By enabling staycations and the exploration of local nature, Dometic empowers local and more sustainable leisure activities.
Outdoor biking


By making the outdoors comfortable and accessible, Dometic inspires an active lifestyle and contributes to the well-being for more of us.
Offroad solar battery

Sustainable innovation

With innovative low-carbon outdoor products, we reduce climate impact as well as the extraction of virgin natural resources.

Read more about our sustainability journey, our focus areas and our goals
Roof -top tent

Annual and sustainability report

Read more about our sustainability platform and our progress in our Annual and Sustainability report

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