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Consulting of Stakeholders

Consulting of Stakeholders

Stakeholder Dialogue

As a global group, it is vital for Dometic to ensure accountability for its actual and potential impact on stakeholders. Dometic engages both directly and indirectly with key investors, customers, business partners and trade unions.

In 2018 Dometic performed a strategic sustainability review based on macro trends, input from key stakeholders and the strategic framework. The review re-confirmed the four sustainability focus areas, namely; ethics, people, products, environment. Dometic actively works with measures relevant for each area in order to further enhance value creation, compliance, reduce environmental impact and mitigate sustainability risks. In 2020 an additional review of the sustainability aspects was performed based on surveys with selected key stakeholders and input from investors.

Stakeholder Group
Type of Dialogue
Key Topics Discussed

Capital Markets

  • Shareholders
  • Investors
  • Analytics
  • Individual meetings
  • Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Investor requests and questionnaires
  • General strategy/ focus areas
  • Code of Conduct implementation and follow-up
  • Sustainability agenda
  • Environmental management

Business Partners

  • OEMs customers
  • End users
  • Suppliers
  • Individual meetings "customer voice"
  • Sales meetings
  • Trade exhibitions
  • Customer requests and questionnaires
  • Supplier self-assessment and audits
  • General strategy/focus areas
  • Product performance
  • Code of Conduct implementation
  • Environmental, safety and health management


  • Current employees
  • Potential employees
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Performance appraisal meetings
  • Management meetings and conferences
  • Work councils
  • Intranet
  • Core Values and Code of Conduct
  • Health & Safety
  • Work Environment
  • Competence Development
  • Gender equality and diversity