Dometic SinePower DSP / DSP-T

Dometic SinePower DSP / DSP-T sine wave inverters

Mobile power supply – 230 volts on board, convenient and safe
Dometic SinePower DSP 3512T

Most people setting off to enjoy the most precious time of the year, will not want to compromise on comfort and convenience. This is why camping friends and motorhomers have some of their favourite home gadgets on board. To ensure reliable, convenient and safe 230-volt energy supply of these devices on the move and on site, Dometic’s electronics specialists have created a new range of sine wave inverters. Comprising two series, SinePower DSP and SinePower DSP-T, it satisfies highest customer demands. A special highlight is the Smart Standby Mode on the SinePower DSP-T premium series. It can be configured as required and reduces the energy consumption to a mere 0.2 amps – a value many conventional inverters are unable to achieve.

The new sine wave inverters in the SinePower DSP series from Dometic generate a pure sine wave voltage, which is perfect even for sensitive 230-volt devices such as laptops, TV-sets and DVD players, coffee makers or espresso machines. Due to their large input voltage range, the new inverters also work fine in modern EURO 6 vehicles – and they are absolutely reliable even under extreme conditions: In case of overload, overheating, over- or under-voltage, the clever inverters cut off automatically – and on again when everything’s fine again. Moreover, they are pleasantly quiet, because the integrated fan smoothly adjusts to the load and temperature conditions.

SinePower DSP sine wave inverters are available in six performance categories – with continuous output ratings from 150 to 2000 watts. Each model is available in a 12-volt and a 24-volt version. The DSP models of 600 watts and beyond are especially convenient. They offer the extra benefit of an energy-saving standby mode and a smart remote control for operation of all basic functions.

Sine wave inverters turn 12 or 24 volts direct current into 230 volts alternating current. The direct current comes from the battery, so it is only available in limited supply. Therefore, it makes sense to use an external 230-volt power source whenever possible. This is where the new premium inverters of the Dometic SinePower DSP-T series come in. Besides all the mentioned benefits of the DSP series, they have an integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation, which ensures a smooth switch-over from inverter supply to mains supply as soon as an external power source is applied.

A technical highlight of the SinePower DSP-T series is the energy-saving Smart Standby Mode, which is activated when no or very little energy is consumed. Using the high-quality comfort remote control DSP-EM, which is available as an optional accessory, motorhomers can program when they want their inverter wake up from standby again – already for the smartphone or not until larger loads such as electric kettles or hairdryers come on. Careful energy savers can additionally activate the battery protection mode. In this mode the inverter turns off completely after a certain time in standby to protect the battery.

The new premium sine wave inverters with mains priority circuit come in four model versions – from 1300 to 3500 watts, each for 12 or 24 volts. For convenient remote control two devices are available – the standard remote control SinePower DSP-RCT for all basic functions and the SinePower DSP-EM premium version for ultimate comfort and convenience. The DSP-EM offers many configuration and upgrading options. For example it is possible to connect a battery sensor to create a smart energy monitoring system that keeps the charging state of the battery in view.

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