Dometic PerfectCharge DCC

Dometic PerfectPower DCC charging converters

Optimal battery charging during the drive – reliable power supply
Dometic PerfectCharge DCC

The largest consumer show for tourism and leisure activities, CMT, will take place in Stuttgart from 13 to 21 January 2018. Exhibitors and visitors are invited to go on a “journey of discovery for the most precious time of the year”. As a specialist for everything that makes mobile living an easy experience, Dometic presents innovative products for reliable mobile power supply. Products on show include a new generation of DC charging converters for optimal battery charging during the drive.

Motorhomers will love them. The new charging converters in the PerfectPower DCC series take care that nobody will end up with a weak leisure battery when arriving at the holiday destination. The charging converters guarantee that the battery is optimally charged during the journey at all times. It also works in modern vehicles with EURO 6 emission standard. These vehicles have a smart alternator which is configured to save as much energy on the road  as possible. As a result, it is well possible that the leisure battery will not be charged (or not sufficiently be charged) during the drive.

The PerfectPower DCC charging converters solve this problem in a clever way, and they are suitable for many other tasks. Featuring advanced IU0U-charging technology, they easily adapt to all common types of batteries (lead acid, gel, AGM). Besides their job as a battery charger, they also supply DC appliances. The charging converters generate a precisely controlled, stable output voltage of 12 or 24 volts DC, which will reliably supply even sensitive electronic devices, so they won’t suffer damage. If the onboard supplies fails to deliver the required capacity, because the cross section of the supply cable is too small, Dometic charging converters again come in very handy: they boost the voltage and thus make sure that the supplied appliances get enough “juice” at all times.

All in all, the PerfectPower DCC series includes eight model versions, which lend themselves to different tasks and performance requirements. Some of them simply fulfil the “classic” function of a DC charging converter, namely to turn 12 volts DC into 24 volts DC, or vice versa.

Further information about Dometic’s new range of DC charging converters is available on the internet at

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