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Dometic MCS Turbo

Complete self-contained air conditioner systems for fast installation.
Dometic MSC Turbo

Regardless of whether it’s cold or hot outside – there’s no need to go without a perfect climate. The retrofit marine climate systems Dometic MCS T6, MCS T12 and MCS T16 provide reliable cooling or heating for the cabins in the upper, middle or lower deck. Simultaneously, they filter the air and reduce the humidity level. This powerful, efficient and environment-friendly technology in OEM quality is backed by 50 years of Dometic experience in boat air conditioning. The self-contained complete systems have a cooling and heating capacity of 1750, 3500 or 4700 watts, depending on the model.

The turbo-speed climate systems designed for smaller yachts and boats, are fitted in the factory with everything required. All technical components are mounted on a single chassis. This saves space and costs. In addition to the turbo A/C system with its rotary fan, the delivery kit includes a submersible seawater pump, a control box and a display, supply and return air grilles, an insulated air duct, a reinforced seawater hose as well as a through-hull fitting and all required fixing materials and valves. The award-winning complete sets also includes an easy-to-clean, integrated air filter and, for the two larger models, MCS T12 and MCS T16, an optional extension kit that directs the air flow into two separate cabins.

Dometic’s self-contained marine climate systems work on the heat pump principle, so they can be used for cooling as well as for heating. It works even in water temperatures as low as 6 °C. The high-speed fan generates a powerful yet quiet air flow. For a perfectly quiet experience, an optional noise insulation sleeve can be added to reduce the compressor sound level by up to 50 per cent.

Even more convenience is provided by a choice of two control panels. The stylish Elite panel comes with raise buttons to be used for controlling all important functions. Additionally, it features an automatic dehumidification function that reduces the humidity of air on board when the boat is not in use. The SmartTouch control, by contrast, features intuitive symbols and menus that can be adapted to the skipper’s individual preferences. Its interactive screen also helps with troubleshooting and provides plenty of help functions.

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