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Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 95DZW mobile compressor dual-zone cooler and freezer

aaaLike in your fridge at home – simultaneous cooling and deep-freezing

Dometic extends its range of compressor cooling boxes for simultaneous cooling and deep-freezing. After the great success of the Coolfreeze CFX 65DZ, the refrigeration specialists now present a larger model named CFX 95DZW. The versatile 85-litre appliance offers considerably more storage capacity and satisfies the very highest demands.

The Dometic Coolfreeze CFX DZ series comes with features and functions that were formerly reserved to refrigerators. The extremely powerful cooling boxes provide a spacious zone for normal refrigeration and a separate, integrated zone for deep-freezing. As a result, fresh produce, bottled beverages and frozen food can all be transported under the optimal temperature conditions. The CFX 95DZW is a high-tech cooler with an A+ energy efficiency rating. The unit has two separate lids for the separate 50.5-litre cooling compartment and the 34.5-litre freezer. Both temperature zones are controlled separately, so any desired temperature up to -22°C can be precisely set.

Besides the many well-known benefits of the Dometic Coolfreeze series, the CFX 95DZW offers yet another cool goody: It can be conveniently controlled and monitored by WiFi app.

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CFX 95DZ2 refrigerator/freezer
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