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Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes

Catch kept cool for days – coolers for highest demands
Dometic Cool-Ice 85W

Reliable cooling without power supply? The new Cool-Ice icebox series by Dometic makes it possible. These heavy-duty iceboxes equipped with extra-strong insulation have proven their value in the hot everyday life of Australia and keep their content fresh even in places where no power is available. Simply place cool packs or ice cubes into the box and keep your catch perfectly cool for days.

This is possible thanks to the specially developed type of insulation that – together with the seamlessly moulded, UV- and impact-resistant polyethylene housing – ensures optimum cooling results. Cool-Ice iceboxes are also very easy to clean, hygienic and light in weight.

All these features make the professional iceboxes ideal companions for fishing trips, along with specially designed accessories: with optionally available, practical rod and bottle holders, comfortable cushions designed to match the box, separators, grid inserts, adjustable straps and – last, but not least – a useful bottle opener, the Cool-Ice iceboxes can be adapted to each individual need.

In all, there are seven variants ranging from 13 to 110 litres capacity. The two handy coolers WCI13 and WCI 22 come with additional shoulder straps. The next-larger models, however, feature strong, ergonomically designed handles that are fully moveable for easy carrying on your own or between two people. Firm fastening points have been integrated in the handle anchorage to facilitate safe transport in a vehicle or on board. Smooth contours and fully integrated hinges ensure optimum storage.

The so-called labyrinth seal design in the lid is the unique selling point of the icebox series. This highly efficient, refrigeration grade foam insulation seals the box interior effectively from the hot ambient air.  A recess in the lid provides a tight seal in connection with an overhang in the icebox wall. All its special design features make Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes indispensable companions for fishing trips or sea-angling.

The prices for the Cool-Ice iceboxes start at 79 Euro.

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