Finansiella rapporter 2012

Interim Report - Second Quarter 2012

“Still hot” in the Americas whilst “cooling off” in Europe.

Net sales totaled SEK 2 361 million (SEK 2 316 million)

• EBITDA before items affecting comparability amounted to SEK 422 million (SEK 461 million)

• EBIT before items affecting comparability amounted to SEK 377 million (SEK 424 million)

• Cash flow from operating activities after oneoff items SEK 325 million (SEK 195 million)


“Dometic Group’s reported sales for the quarter compared to the same quarter 2011 was up 2 percent and down 2 percent in constant currency. Our performance matched global macro developments; Americas remained strong and continued its recovery whilst the economic uncertainty in Europe has increased leading to worsened consumer confidence affecting demand for our products. Asia was unchanged, even though Australia decreased but rest of Asia increased.” says Dometic Group’s acting President and CEO Magnus Yngen.

“The Group generated EBIT before items affecting comparability of SEK 377 million, a reported decrease of 11 percent and a 14 percent decrease in constant currency. This is largely attributable to a change in mix, with growth in the US and decrease in Europe. In addition, aftermarket segments have declined during the quarter.”

“Operational cash flow was strong during the quarter and generated SEK 325 million as a result of stricter working capital management, although inventory still remains a bit high”.

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