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Dometic & WAECO Low Emission patented technology retains almost 100% of the refrigerant during A/C service and protects the environment. Workshop owners can minimize their climate footprint and benefit from significant cost and refrigerant savings. The unique technology is now also available for servicing buses and trains and approved by major industry players.

Dometic’s WAECO Low Emission A/C service units are now more relevant than ever before for the transportation industry. Many transportation companies are aware of the industry’s steep environmental impact and have sustainability at the top of their business strategy.

Dometic’s WAECO technology can help workshop owners limit their climate impact by retaining almost 100% of the refrigerant during A/C services and eliminating the risk of releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Refrigerant is also a precious resource today due to the European Union F-gas regulation and retaining refrigerant saves substantial cost for business owners.

The Dometic WAECO Low Emission A/C service units are now available for servicing busses and trains and have the approval of major industry players like EvoBus, OMNIplus, and Valeo as well as Deutsche Bahn.

Dometic will showcase this award-winning technology between October 18 and 23, 2019 at Busworld Europe 2019 in Brussels.

How does it work?

During A/C services, refrigerant loss mainly occurs through the vacuum pump and when the refrigerant is forced out along with the compressor oil. WAECO ASC Low Emission service units collect the escaping refrigerant in a hermetic, pressure-tight oil container, so it can be returned to the refrigerant tank. The unique, patented technology results in a refrigerant loss rate of close to zero percent.

ASC 3500G

WAECO ASC 3500G Low Emission service unit, with its integrated, powerful vacuum pump, qualifies for highly efficient A/C service on large vehicles, such as buses, trains and helicopters. This is where the WAECO Low Emission concept offers considerable savings, because the overall amount of refrigerant recovered per service run is much larger than with standard equipment.

New heat belt for the refrigerant collector

One of the key issues facing bus and train workshops today is how to avoid costly downtimes for their customers. The new heat belt for WAECO A/C service units can reduce the service time on bus and train air conditioners up to 80%.

Using conventional practices, servicing high-volume A/C systems takes several hours. Service technicians normally need to wait until the frozen collector is heated back to ambient temperature in order to extract all of the refrigerant from the system.

To prevent the freezing, a special heat belt has been fitted at the lowest point of the refrigerant collector. The heat belt is activated at the same time as the compressor of the A/C service unit, so the heating process starts immediately at the beginning of the refrigerant recovery process, saving valuable time.

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