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Dometic PowerChannel

Clever click fastener for comfort accessories.
Dometic PowerChannel Speaker
Find the ideal place to be, and then just sit back and enjoy a great holiday – this has always been and still is pure pleasure for the owners of a Dometic awning. With some clever accessories attached to the new Dometic PowerChannel, the “mobile patio” now converts into a great event venue.

A reading light at night, a fan for a pleasant breeze in the midday heat, a loudspeaker to play back one’s favourite songs – it couldn’t be easier to fit the patented little helpers. The accessories are clicked to a power rail attached to the awning’s roller tube with a flick of the wrist, quite literally – and that’s really all it takes. There are no cables to get in the way, no hook-up problems, no compromises. Dometic PowerChannel directly supplies the connected gadgets with power from the vehicle battery. It is even possible to use several devices at the same time.

As it stands now, accessories to choose from include a fully flexible lamp that provides light for reading, eating, playing and other activities. The PowerChannel fan makes for a pleasant air flow. The PowerChannel speaker, last but not least, gives a full and rich sound while the caravanning friend is relaxing under the awning. More clever accessories fitted with the easy click fastener will follow in due course to extend the product offering.

The Dometic PowerChannel power rail attachment for the awning tube is available in two lengths, which can be cut to size and adapted to three housing colours.

Contact for further information about the Dometic PowerChannel, the available accessories and the comprehensive range of Dometic comfort awnings: [email protected]

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