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All wine lovers know that a wine needs to have the right drinking temperature for the full taste experience. White wines, for instance, have to be served much cooler than red wines to unfold their full bouquet and aromas. For this reason, wine refrigerators are especially sought after by restaurants and hotels. After all, they want to please their guests by serving wine at the optimal drinking temperature. If the wine offer is presented in style, this will add to the enjoyment.

At the Anuga trade show Dometic presents its new MaCave series of wine refrigerators with elegant, frameless glass doors. The smallest model, MaCave S16G, has a storage capacity of 16 bottles. The two larger counterparts, MaCave S40FGD and MaCave S117FG provide room for 40 and 117 bottles, respectively, plus the option to store the bottles in two different temperature zones. The two temperature zones can be set individually to any temperature between 5 and 22 °C to make sure that white wines, red wines and other refrigerated beverages can be stored separately of each other, at just the right temperature. All wine refrigerators are supplied fully equipped with the maximum possible number of sliding shelves.

Storage shelves or presentation shelves enabling inclined storage of the wine bottles are available as optional accessories. The blue LED interior light nicely accents the wine offer, and it also ensures that the wine is not impaired by heat emissions or UV light exposure. The temperature display of the refrigerators, also designed in blue, is fitted with a convenient touch control panel.

A definite highlight is the advanced compressor technology: It maintains the preset temperature with one-degree accuracy and ensures an optimal temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.

Dometic MaCave wine refrigerators are fitted with high insulation special glass doors for maximum protection from UV light. Moreover, Dometic uses active carbon filters to neutralise foreign odours from the surrounding air. The filter inserts are easy to replace; spare filters are available as accessories.

In addition to the models with two temperature zones for red and white wine, the MaCave series also includes models with one temperature zone. The MaCave S24G, for instance, is conceived for permanent installation and holds up to 24 bottles. This makes the compact appliance ideal for installation in hotel suites, with maximum comfort and convenience for the guest. The MaCave ST198D, featuring a storage capacity of up to 198 bottles, is ideal to keep large wine stocks at drinking temperature.

All MaCave refrigerators operate with quiet-running compressors and are thus extremely energy-saving.

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