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Dometic Launches Roof Top Air Conditioner for Large RV

Dometic expands its RV air conditioner portfolio with the Dometic FreshJet 3000, a lightweight, high-capacity model for larger motorhomes and caravans. The latest addition comes with a dual-cylinder inverter compressor featuring a smart speed control system for remarkably quiet and ultra-efficient cooling and heating. 

Compact design, powerful performance and superior energy efficiency are the characteristics of the Dometic FreshJet roof air conditioners. The new FreshJet 3000 sets new benchmarks in terms of performance: With a nominal compressor capacity of 3600W, this air conditioner has enough power to keep motorhomes and caravans that are seven metres long and beyond pleasantly cool in summer, or warm and cosy on cold days.

The most innovative aspect of this air conditioner is the speed-controlled dual-cylinder inverter compressor. Together with optimized fan system, it makes the unit remarkably quiet and efficient in operation. Conventional compressors switch off once the temperature has been reached and turns on again after a while. This leads to vibrations and high start-up currents. The new inverter compressor does not switch off, rather,it sleepsuntil it’s about timeto start up again. As a result, vibration is kept at a minimum and there is no current peak during start-ups. The air conditioner is quiet like a whisper and the noise level can be reduced to a barely audible by activating the energy-saving sleep mode. The FreshJet 3000 will not disturb a good night’s sleep in the cabin.

By introducing a new material,Dometic’s product designers managed to reduce the weight of the unit. Despite its impressive cooling and heating capacity, the FreshJet 3000 weighs a mere 36 kilograms which is a unique achievement in this category for larger vehicles.

For ease of use, air flow, temperature and LED lighting can be easily adjusted by a remote control or via the touch panel on the air distribution box. 

The Dometic FreshJet 3000 will be available on the market from end March 2020 with price EUR 2795 (incl.19% VAT). 


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