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Dometic revitalises its portfolio with new all-in-one power solution

Dometic today launched DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-C SERIES, a premium inverter unit with combined smart battery charger. This new smart all-in-one power solution will replace the other Dometic products in the market and streamline the portfolio.
Dometic DSP-C

In leisure boats and recreational vehicles, utilizing space is a priority. Mobile living poses the challenge of running multiple home appliances simultaneously, and requires reliable power sources. At the same time, we need to monitor home electronics and other technical equipment. Having a smart, combined inverter and charger unit solves these issues with one simple solution.

Designed to turn 12/24 V battery power into 230 V AC with true sine wave form, the DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-C device ensures the trouble-free operation of appliances with up to 2000 W from the vehicle battery.

The new Smart Standby mode saves energy when the device is not needed. When connected to AC power, the unit conveniently recharges the battery with 25 A, 50 A or 100 A, depending on the model of DSP-C used. It also ensures that the available current of the mains supply is not exceeded.

Volker Luetjen, Head of Product Development Electronics EMEA, DOMETIC says: “The Dometic DSP-C ensures you always have enough power on board to use your home ‭appliances and recharge your batteries. The device continuously monitors the mains current input and responds to each situation according to the user's specific configuration, ensuring that the maximum input current doesn’t trip the external fuse.”‬ ‬‬‬‬

The DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-C offers maximum independence in terms of power supply. With a maximum power load of 2000 W, it ensures trouble-free operation of coffee makers, microwave ovens and more.

The generator functionality can be customized or disabled completely to avoid unintended discharging of the battery, while also selecting the best possible power supply within the boat or vehicle.

A Smart Standby mode saves energy when no power is needed, while full flexibility and configurability are retained. If the mains power supply is adequate, the vehicle battery is ‭charged. ‬‬‬‬‬‬

The DSP-C completes the Sine Power Product Range within the Dometic power solutions portfolio. It will be available in the European market from February 2019.

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