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Dometic CoolContainer

A world’s first: customized high-tech cooling for every use.

Selling ice-cream on the beach, buying fresh groceries at the wholesaler’s, or temperature controlled logistics – Dometic has a customized solution for every professional demand. With the units in the CoolContainer series the products can be stored at the right temperature, which is maintained accurately to the degree. They work on the 230-volt mains, a 12-volt supply as well as independently of an external power source with power from a purpose-designed battery set that guarantees eight hours of deep-freezing at an ambient temperature up to 32°C. The mobile chest coolers, featuring an integrated battery charger, are especially suitable for catering services at outdoor events or for street sale.

Using a smart phone app the current temperature in the cooling container can easily be checked anytime. An additional data logger helps with the mandatory documentation of the temperature curve. Other features and extra modules can be added as required to suit the customer’s specific application.

The cooling and freezing containers are available in various sizes, as front or top loaders. This makes them ideal for transport of fresh groceries and for deep-freeze logistics, for e-commerce supplies, event catering, food processing and food inspection. They also meet the demands of pharmaceutical firms, research institutes and special vehicle builders. Their heavy-duty design makes them extremely durable and robust. All containers come with sturdy pallet feet to allow safe loading and unloading with a forklift truck. Strong and smooth running transport wheels are also available on request. For safe and secure transport in the vehicle the containers are fitted with sturdy tie-down brackets.

Specially designed for maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain in professional applications, the transport and presentation containers can be customized with many optional features. They are available in practical sizes, with a capacity of 209, 435 or 590 litres. All front loading containers come standard with a preset temperature of +4°C; the deep-freeze-suitable top loaders can be set with a key to a fixed temperature of either +4°C or -18°C.

Regardless of the version chosen, all units in the Dometic CoolContainer series comply with the rules of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for temperature-controlled transport, they are even fine for pharmaceutical logistics.

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