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Dometic CombiCool ACX

Always ready to go, for maximum independence.
Dometic CombiCool ACX

Where the electricity required to run other coolers is absent, the new Dometic CombiCool ACX Absorber boxes give the user a free rein: They are able to run on only 12 volts in the vehicle, increasing this to 230 volts at home or at the camp site. But when out in nature, the CombiCool series reveals its true advantages by simply switching to gas power. The new ACX 40 G can even run on a commercially available gas cartridge. All the new models cool their contents to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature and have another feature in common: their attractive aluminium housing and striking lid.

The new CombiCool family is distinguished not only by its practical use but also by equipment details which are tailored to individual requirements. All the units of the ACX generation include three-step flame regulation for gas operation, a comfortable piezo ignition and a thermostatic regulation for 230 volt operation. The interior evaporator also offers sufficient storage space for the ice cube maker included in the scope of delivery. Its completely silent operation is unsurpassed.

The practical, compact measurements, with a depth difference of 65 millimetres – the storage volume is 31 litres for the ACX 35 and 40 litres for the ACX 40 – can be a crucial advantage. Both coolers are available either in a version designed for a gas appliance outlet or a 50 mbar version to attach to a gas cylinder. The Dometic CombiCool ACX 40 G is unique on the market in that it can be fuelled by commercially available gas cartridges.

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