Dometic PerfectView CAM 360

Dometic CAM 360 BirdView camera/monitor system

The new ease of reversing – with 360° all-around view.
Dometic CAM 360 BirdView

Advanced driving support systems not only make the working day easier for professional drivers. They also give motorhome and caravan enthusiasts an undiminished holiday experience, because they eliminate a major stress factor – the stress associated with manoeuvring a bulky vehicle on difficult terrain. An excellent example is the CAM 360 BirdView camera/monitor system Dometic presents, for the first time, for recreational vehicles at the Caravan Salon show in Düsseldorf.

With the CAM 360 BirdView camera/monitor system, even the trickiest parking manoeuvre becomes child’s play. Four 180° wide-angle cameras – installed at the front, the rear, the left and right-hand side of the vehicle – watch from a bird’s eye perspective everything that might get in the way while manoeuvring.

The camera images are transmitted in real time to the control box of the CAM 360, where they are instantly processed by the integrated video splitter. The smart electronics system  then brings all data together and provides exactly the view that is currently required for manoeuvring: front, sides, rear or the complete 360° all-around view. Using the remote control supplied with each system, the driver can select the required view at the touch of a button – or switch to and fro between the individual views.

Alternatively, the system can be controlled by a trigger signal from the vehicle. The side cameras, for instance, can be controlled via the indicators. The rear-view camera comes online as soon as reverse gear is engaged.

The CAM 360 BirdView system is suitable for vehicles up to ten metres long and up to 3.5 metres tall. In addition to the four cameras, the switchbox, the video splitter and the remote control, the delivery kit also includes a USB flash drive, an infrared receiver as well as an adapter cable to connect the system to the vehicle electrics. For configuration Dometic offers a special calibration cloth as an accessory. However, the installation of the CAM 360 is not for do-it-yourselfers, but belongs into the hands of specially trained professionals.

A list of authorised workshops as well as further information about the new all-around view camera/monitor system are available at

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