Drinkware 1.5
Dometic doubles its outdoor drinkware portfolio with new multipurpose models
Stockholm, Sweden – May 4, 2022 Dometic introduces a new assortment of drinkware. The new range includes bottles with optional interchangeable caps, leakproof models and sizes from 500ml to 1920ml. All new drinkware products come in 6 vivid colours and keep drinks both hot and cold for hours. The new products are available at dometic.com from May 2022.
Dometic to outfit all-electric, intelligent cooling for urban transport system in Poland
Warsaw, Poland – January 25, 2022 Dometic Frigo DC, a fully electric, engine-independent refrigeration system for mobile delivery – was selected for Poland’s new all-electric intelligent urban transport system, the SmartVan IoT by EV Fleet.
GCA Truck
Safety a priority: Groupe Charles André (GCA) joins forces with Dometic to make driving safer
Montelimar, France – 29th November 2021 Seeing cyclists and pedestrians is not easy for lorry drivers in a city environment because of blind spots. Government authorities have set themselves the goal of preventing such accidents.
Dometic introduces new rooftop tents for passenger cars to Europe
Dusseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 After successful market introduction in the Pacific, Dometic brings their new rooftop tent designed for passenger cars to the European markets. The Dometic TRT120E can be set up in a matter of minutes thanks to its 12V powered operation and remote control (included) and creates secure and peaceful nights at any destination.
Dometic launches custom-fit window blinds for latest Fiat Ducato models
Dusseldorf – August 28, 2021 In conjunction to production start of the new Fiat Ducato Series 8, Dometic introduces elegant, neatly integrated solutions that fits the new campervan model like a custom-made suit. The well-engineered material not only keeps sunrays and curious eyes out, it also ensures excellent thermal insulation against heat or cold.
Dometic outdoor campervan camping
Dometic launches unique combo heater
Dusseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 At this year’s Caravan Salon, one of the largest RV show in the world, Dometic introduces a novel solution to the market by combining the cabin heater and hot water supply into one unit. The Dometic CH Combo Heater series provides both cabin heating and warm water supply in a super-fast and energy-saving way and comes with multiple smart control options for ultimate convenience.
Innovation Vechicle
Dometic unveils novelty products planned to be launched in 2022 at Caravan Salon
Düsseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 Dometic will showcase next season’s novelty at Caravan Salon, the largest RV event in the world. The popular exhibition of Dometic’s Innovation vehicle, a transparent vehicle, has been equipped with new products to be launched in 2022 as well as future concepts of mobile living solutions to showcase exciting innovations in real-life installations at the show.
Dometic Outdoor Sprinter Van Outlook
Dometic to expand hard cooler box offering for the european markets
Stockholm, Sweden - June 8, 2021 Scandinavian brand Dometic launches a new line of stylish and colourful, yet truly robust, hard cooler boxes (or iceboxes) designed and constructed for outdoor adventures in Europe. The Dometic Patrol icebox comes in a brand-new colorway after having endured some of the toughest durability user tests under the harshest of wilderness environments. They will stand up to the various challenges of the outdoor elements and can be taken and enjoyed anywhere, on any excursions.
Dometic Tecknar Avtal med Elon Group
Stockholm - 29 januari, 2021. Dometic har tecknat ett nytt avtal med Nordens ledande butikskedja för hemelektronik och vitavaror, Elon Group AB. Under det nya avtalet verkar Elon som återförsäljare för Dometic MoBar – Dometic MoBar är en serie nya, unika utomhusbarer för designmedvetna konsumenter. Dometic MoBar kommer att finnas hos utvalda Elon butiker och på Elon.se från april månad.
German Firefighter Deploy Dometic Turn Assist For Safer Driving
German city Emsdetten’s fire department has selected Dometic as a sole vendor for the installation of turn assist systems on their entire fleet of fire engines. The department is utilizing the government’s “2020 Turn Assistance Systems” national funding program provided to German organizations far ahead of the EU target of 2024.

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