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Dometic Donates Fridge To Mobile Travelers In Need

ELKHART, Ind. – August 8, 2017 – Dometic recently donated a CFX Portable Refrigerator/Freezer to mobile travelers Melissa and Chris Thayer who are better known on Instagram as @outdoors_is_free.
Melissa and Chris are full time travelers who live out of their truck and trailer with their dog, Haley. They eat, sleep and work on their blog wherever they choose.

Both, Melissa and Chris, have always had a heart for the environment. Chris was previously a park ranger, EMT, Firefighter, and a recycling coordinator for the west side of Hawaii Island. Melissa has a degree in Physics and Engineering Management with a focus on energy and the environment. She spent several years trying to move Hawaii off fossil fuels while working for a large land/resource management company in Hawaii.

“We both realized our jobs were running us into a path of creating priorities that didn’t align with our internal ones,” Melissa explained. “At the beginning of 2013 we both quit our jobs, sold our house, and moved to the mainland and bought a truck and trailer.”

On June 4, Melissa and Chris experienced an unfortunate event that caused almost everything to be damaged and some items lost completely. Luckily, neither they nor their dog were hurt. They had been out in the Nevada heat for five days and needed a way to keep things cold.

They are grateful to still have a trailer and only had to replace some of the items inside, such as their refrigerator that was ruined. They did not previously have any Dometic products, but now are able to take their Dometic refrigerator with them wherever they like and not worry about a thing.

“When Dometic reached out to us about the possibility of obtaining a new refrigerator for our trailer, we were thrilled with how quickly they were able to send us one and support us in our travels,” Melissa said. “We are ecstatic and love our new refrigerator. We could not be more thankful.”

Trey Miller, Director of Marketing for Dometic commented, “We are so pleased that we could help out Melissa and Chris, even in a small way, in their time of need. They exemplify Mobile Living and the longing for freedom and adventure. We look forward to following their journey for many years to come.”


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Dometic enriches people’s experiences when away from home by providing smart, reliable products with outstanding design for mobile living in the areas of Climate, Hygiene & Sanitation and Food & Beverage. Dometic manufactures and sells products within these areas for use in mainly recreational vehicles, trucks and premium cars, cruisers and work boats, and for a variety of other uses. Dometic operates 22 manufacturing/assembly sites in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Dometic products are sold in more than 100 countries. Dometic has 6,500 employees and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

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