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Dometic issues EUR 300 million, 7-year Eurobond

Dometic has today issued EUR 300 million on the European bond market. The bond was issued with a 7-year maturity at a fixed rate of 2,00 per cent. The issue is the third EUR tranche in Dometic’s EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) program with a total limit of EUR 1,5 billion.

“We are pleased with the success of our third Eurobond issue on the European bond market, where we have attracted a broad investor base with 75% of the investors in Germany, UK, Netherlands and France. We continue our effort to expand the sources of Dometic’s financing and expect to continue to utilize the Eurobond market going forward”, says Dometic’s Chief Financial Officer Stefan Fristedt.

Rikard Tunedal, Head of Investor Relations
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