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Dometic Go Compact Camp Shelter

Dometic launches lightweight, compact camp shelter made with dope-dyed fabric

Dometic adds a new product to its Dometic Go car camping gear series. The new compact camp shelter is made with lightweight aluminum and dope-dyed fabric; material produced with a lower environmental impact. This new shelter provides a protected, safe area at camp while not taking up so much space on the journey there.

A simple shelter can make a big difference at a camping site. It creates a safe, comfortable space for rest or preparing meals and can be the social hub of the camp. However, there are not so many models available that can fit in the boot of a car.

Dometic is launching a lightweight camp shelter featuring a small pack size, aluminium frame and dope-dyed fabric for car campers and outdoor lovers.

The fabric of the portable shelter is dope-dyed, meaning the product is not only UV resistant and less prone to fading, but uses less water in the dying process so has a much lower environmental impact than conventional dying technology. Addtionally, the shelter is waterproof with fully taped seams and the aluminium frame means the product is lightweight at just under 5kg and and packs into compact space saving size.

The shelter comes with two attachable walls in scope of delivery. Dometic also launches two additional accessories as options. The Camp Shelter Door & Wall Kit and The Compact Camp Shelter Mesh Wall Kit.

  • Lightweight (4.9Kg)

  • Small pack size (60 x 15 x 25cm)

  • Includes 2 side walls for extra privacy and protection from the weather

The Dometic Go camp shelter is available in the European market with a recommended retailer price of 299 €.


Note to Editors
  • What is dope-dye?
    - Dope-dyeing, also known as solution dyeing, is a method of dyeing synthetic yarns that involves adding dye to the polymer that a filament will be extruded from. Dope dyeing has major process, quality, and environmental benefits over more conventional dyeing processes.
    - Colour is infused into the core of the fibre of dope dyed yarns. Fabric is made by weaving of these yarns.
    - As the fibre is already dyed at the dope stage, it eliminates the dyeing process which is hazardous to the climate hence makes this dope dyed fibre better for the environment.
    - In conventional dyeing the colour pigment remains at the surface of the yarn where as in dope dyeing colour is up to the core of fibre, hence resulting in better colour fastness.
    - Dope dyed yarn are fully uniform in colour and do not vary from lot to lot.
  • Photos can be found here.
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Dometic Go Compact Camp Shelter

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