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Dometic launches an innovative accessory that easily purifies air onboard vessels

Queensland, Australia – May 26, 2023. Dometic launches an innovative accessory that easily purifies the air onboard any vessel, providing a more comfortable and healthy onboard environment. The Dometic Breathe Ionizer also eliminates stale air and foul odors and secures enjoyable boating experiences.

Dometic’s new Breathe Ionizer is a quick and innovative way to add air purification to any vessel. This affordable, easy-to-install and easy-to-use air conditioning/heating accessory is now brought to boat owners and boating enthusiasts in Australia.

Dometic’s Breathe Ionizer was developed to solve a common problem faced by boaters around the world. Time on the water is supposed to be about enjoying fresh air and sunshine outdoors, yet the air inside staterooms, salons, galleys and other interior spaces and compartments is often stale and smelly. Mold, mildew, and a host of other pollutants/allergens often create bad odors and impact the ability to fully enjoy time aboard.

Dometic’s Breathe Ionizer uses positively and negatively charged ions to reduce pathogens and mold spores by attacking their core structure. Both odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are reduced as ions break them down on a molecular level.
Dometic’s new system also removes allergens and dust from the air. As ions in the air are attracted to particles, their size is increased. This allows them to be easily caught in the filters, or causes them to fall out of the air.

This is a simpler, less expensive alternative to air purifiers using traditional technology like HEPA Filters and UV light. Dometic’s Breathe Ionizer is also easier to add to existing climate control systems aboard today’s boats.

Dometic’s Breathe Ionizer is designed as an easy and universal addition to a wide range of Dometic climate control systems. Boaters just need to drill holes anywhere in the airflow path, push in the brush grommets and route power to the unit — and they are ready to breathe purified, odor-free air.

Breathe has been named a Top Product for 2023 by Boating Industry magazine.

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