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German Firefighter Deploy Dometic Turn Assist For Safer Driving

German Firefighter Deploy Dometic Turn Assist For Safer Driving

German city Emsdetten’s fire department has selected Dometic as a sole vendor for the installation of turn assist systems on their entire fleet of fire engines. The department is utilizing the government’s “2020 Turn Assistance Systems” national funding program provided to German organizations far ahead of the EU target of 2024.

Cyclists and pedestrians are often overlooked by turning heavy goods vehicles, buses or blue light vehicles. These disasters can be avoided by installing a so called turn assist system, a camera system which alerts drivers when cyclists and pedestrians move into the vehicle’s blind spot. The EU intends to make the installation of turn assist systems mandatory for all new vehicles by 2024.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure does not want to wait so long and started initiatives like the “2020 Turn Assistance Systems,” a program to promote turn assist systems for heavy goods vehicles already used in society.  

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the fire department of Emsdetten city has decided to equip turn assist systems on its entire fleet of fire engines, even retroactively, so that not only new ones, but the older engines will also have a turn assist system. The department has conducted extensive evaluation of different systems and has selected the Dometic CAM1000 based BVS71000 which is a full system in line with funding program regulations.

The decision in favor of the Dometic CAM1000 was made not only due to the proximity of the customer service but also because of the product itself. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the Dometic CAM1000 can distinguish moving objects from static ones, such as lampposts, and would not cause any false alarms which is often the case and can be disturbing to drivers. In addition, electromagnetic compatibility, in particular with the vehicle’s special signal and radio technology, make it easier for the department to install the system to their vehicles. 

Bernd Wermers, Fire Protection Technician at the City of Emsdetten and Member of the Emsdetten Fire Department says; “We are pleased about the entire operation. The tension among colleagues often remains palpable not only en route to the incident site but also when returning from these places, when this type of system can be an important benefit. Also, it is important for us to be a role model in securing safety for both our fire fighters and people on the road.”

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