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Dometic launches worlds first bio material cooler

Dometic launches worlds first bio material cooler

Offering more environmentally friendly products is important to Dometic. The company announced today that it introduces an innovative bio-based material to its thermoelectric cooler model. An industry first, the Dometic CoolFun SC 30B is made with a biocomposite material which is fully recyclable, light and strong. It achieves a 26% lower carbon footprint compared to conventional coolers made from polypropylene.

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More and more consumers are considering their carbon footprint when choosing products.

Dometic fully supports this trend by being the first in the industry to introduce a new, innovative biocomposite material for its latest thermoelectric cooler, the Dometic CoolFun SC 30B.

Anton Lundqvist, CTO, Dometic says; “Offering more greener choice is important to Dometic. This is a step in our efforts to enhance more sustainable products in our portfolio and we intend to accelerate these efforts in the years to come to lead this important shift in the industry.”

The biocomposite contains bast fibers from hemp plant which is exceptionally good at sequestering carbon. Using this strong material also means less fossil-fuel plastics in the product without compromising performance.

The fibers give the surface a stylish, natural look and make every single cooler unique. The sustainability-conscious Dometic CoolFun SC 30B is ideal for mobile adventures, transporting groceries, car trips, picnics, work lunches or garden parties.

The cooler can be operated by either 12 V or 230 V. It cools down to 18°C below the ambient temperature and has an additional warming function that heats the interior up to 65°C.

The USB port in the lid can be used for charging a mobile phone or other devices when the cooler is connected to a power source.

The product will be available from May 2019 onwards.

Key Features:
  • Made by fully-recyclable biocomposite
  • Light and durable with reduced CO2 footprint
  • Unique surface with hemp fibers
  • Material nominated as WWF Climate Solver 2018
  • Carrier handle to either fix or support the lid
  • Cable compartment in the lid with USB port
  • Fits up to 6 pcs of 2-liter bottles standing
  • Hot/Cold-Function
Product specification:
  • Power consumption: 47 W (DC 12V), max. 55 W (AC 230V) in Cold mode, 39 W (DC 12V), 39 W (AC 230V) in Hot mode
  • Temperature range: Cooling up to 18 °C below ambient temperature
  • Colors: Light-Beige / steel grey
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 39.6 x 29.6 x 44.7 cm
  • Inner dimensions (LxWxH): 32.0-34.2 x 23.1-25.3 x 36.5-40.4 cm
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