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Dometic Adds New Models to its Popular 10 Series RV Fridge

Dometic Adds New Models to its Popular 10 Series RV Fridge

With its innovative double-hinged design and outstanding cooling performance, the Dometic 10-series RV refrigerators quickly became one of the most popular products in the industry. Dometic now adds models with compressor refrigeration as well as a smaller model for installation under kitchen countertops to compliment the portfolio.

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The Dometic 10-series RV refrigerator is known for its iconic design with the double-hinged sleek door handle which runs over the entire height of the cabinet for easy opening at any height and from both sides.  

Combined with its superior cooling performance, the Dometic 10-series became a popular choice for both RV manufactures and owners. 

To further satisfy the demands from RV owners, Dometic has now introduced new models to fill the gap.   

Compressor version 

In addition to the current cooling technology – absorption refrigeration – Dometic has now developed a range of compressor refrigeration versions of the beloved Dometic 10-series. This new range compliments the portfolio and RV owners who prefer compressor technology can now benefit from the popular design of the Dometic 10-series. 

RVs, caravans, campers and boats all have their own needs and constraints. For example, the difference between the two cooling technologies is one thing that can affect a buyer’s decision when choosing a model designed for an RV.  

The Dometic Refrigerator Buying Guide helps consumers find the right size, style, cooling method, and power choices for their vehicle. 

New shorter model for kitchen countertop

Even smaller fridges installed under kitchen countertops will now be able to enjoy Dometic’s iconic 10-series design. The new Dometic under counter series is suitable for installation under the countertop or other smaller spaces inside the vehicle.  The new series will be available as absorber and compressor versions. The absorber versions are available as of today and the compressor versions will be available in November 2020. 

The rest of the Dometic 10-series compressor models are also available starting today.  

Easy to swap with an old fridge 

The Dometic 10-series are designed to easily install where the previous fridge once was placed, the external dimensions of the new 10-series models are the same as most of the RV fridges installed today.   

For more information about the products please visit: Dometic 10 series RV refrigerators 

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