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Dometic unveils new Marine Gateway

Dometic unveils new Marine Gateway

Litchfield, IL – October 5, 2022 New Dometic Marine Gateway marks the brand’s entry into Internet-based marine telematics market, providing boat builders and boaters alike with advanced monitoring, control and vessel security functions. The system includes a versatile Marine Gateway device, available sensors and mobile app for Android and Apple devices.

Visitors to the IBEX Show, September 27-29, 2022 in Tampa, Florida, will be among the first in the world to see Dometic’s latest development for the boat building and boating industry — the new Dometic Marine Gateway.

Dometic’s new Internet of Things (IoT) solution lets boaters connect, monitor and control multiple devices and digital systems whether onboard the boat or away from it anywhere in the world. When on the vessel, boaters can monitor and control functions via Bluetooth. When away from the vessel, monitor and control functions can be done via Wi-Fi or LTE cellular.

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Whether they are across the bay or across the country, boaters can monitor critical data such as battery status, tank levels, bilge pump status, shore power connection status and more. The ability to check at a glance the status and health of a boat’s systems delivers 24/7 peace of mind and a better overall boat ownership experience.

One of the biggest advantages is this system’s seamless integration with proven Dometic DCM Digital Switching. This makes it easy to integrate a wide variety of components and systems throughout the vessel and the ability to control them using the companion mobile app.

Dometic’s Marine Gateway also provides security against intrusion and/or theft through a range of available sensors. Dometic will offer reed switch sensors that can be used to secure doors, hatches, cabin windows and other possible entry points. A special Security Loop can be connected to the Marine Gateway to secure outboard engines, MFDs, deck boxes and other valuable equipment. Boaters will receive an instant alert if any part of the Security Loop is cut. It is particularly useful in preventing removal of today’s costly high-powered outboard motors — a popular target for boat thieves.
Dometic unveils new Marine Gateway, mobile app for advanced connectivity, control and security

Dometic Marine Gateway’s built-in GNSS GPS receiver provides accurate position data and lets boaters set up precise geofence protection for their vessels, alerting them if the vessel is moved beyond the established borders. This provides additional security against theft, and also alerts owners if a boat drags anchor or drifts off its mooring while the crew is ashore.
Dometic’s tile-based mobile app makes it easy to view status information and control connected devices through any compatible Android or iOS mobile device. The app is designed to be intuitive — swipe on a tile (Batteries, Bilge, Location, Tanks, Security) for a quick devices overview, then press on a tile for detailed device views and control. Simple alert control makes it easy for boaters to set parameters on when and how they wish to receive alerts.

Using external GNSS and LTE antennas, the Dometic Marine Gateway can easily be mounted in a variety of locations onboard. The system’s low power draw makes it practical for use during extended periods of storage, while its internal backup battery will keep the unit functioning if power is cut.

“Our engineers have been refining the Marine Gateway for some time, to ensure we could deliver seamless integration with today’s ‘smart’ onboard systems, as well as advanced digital switching capabilities,” said Eric Fetchko, President of Marine Segment at Dometic. “We set forth to create a powerful and practical solution for the entire boating industry — a goal which we have proudly achieved,” added Fetchko.
Beginning in early 2023, Dometic will offer affordable global roaming LTE subscription options to support its Marine Gateway system and meet the needs of different boating lifestyles.

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