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Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters

How it all started

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Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters are two young Swedish engineering students with a crazy idea. They are convinced the best way to create a cooling effect is to use heat. They believe so wholeheartedly in the idea that they regularly cut class to work on it. Finally, after many long days and nights, they manage to design a cooling cabinet with no compressor, no moving parts – and no ice. Simply by applying heat to a boiler, a cooling agent circulates in the system, absorbing the heat and thereby creating a cooling effect. Their cabinet turns out to be the world’s first refrigerator, and one of the most important inventions of the century.

1920 - 1950

1920 - 1950, Even Einstein thought we were cool

The cooling cabinet that Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters invented is granted a patent. Even the great Albert Einstein is impressed, calling their invention a stroke of genius. In the same year, Arctic, an appropriately named Swedish company, acquires the manufacturing rights. It doesn’t take long for Electrolux, a growing appliance company, to see the potential. In 1925, the company acquires Arctic. In the years following World War II, refrigerators find their way into every middle-class home. Sales are in the millions of units.


  • Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen invent the absorption technology.


  • The cooling cabinet is granted a patent. The Swedish company Arctic acquires the manufacturing rights.


  • The refrigerator is displayed at a Stockholm exhibition. One of the impressed visitors is Axel Wenner-Gren, the “vacuum cleaner king” and founder of Swedish company Electrolux.


  • Electrolux acquires Arctic and initiates mass production of absorption refrigerators.

1950 - 1970, The birth of Dometic

In the 1950s, building on the success of the refrigerator and vacuum cleaner, Electrolux starts to make inroads into the leisure market. Especially in America, which is riding a massive post-war boom. To strengthen its presence in a growing segment, the company acquires groundbreaking innovations and strong brands whenever and wherever it makes good business sense. By the end of the 1960’s, Electrolux gives its leisure appliances division a name: Dometic.
In the 1950s, the more easily manufactured compression technology is increasingly used for home refrigerators. But the completely silent absorption technology remains the best choice for refrigerators in for example RVs and boats. 


  • Electrolux starts manufacturing washing machines.


  • Development and production of absorption refrigerators for RVs.


  • Electrolux starts manufacturing dishwashers.


  • Electrolux establishes Dometic Corporation of the US.

1970 - 2000, Expanding the leisure product line

It becomes increasingly clear that ever more people across the world want to live mobile. For some, like professional truck drivers, it’s business. For the rest, it’s leisure. But they all share essential needs – like cooking, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. Electrolux continues the expansion into new markets and technologies. A number of company acquisitions are made, and many of Dometics present product segments are added.


  • Electrolux acquires Siegas Metallwarenfabrik, Germany
  • Introduction of absorption-based hotel miniBars; creating leading hotel room refrigerator manufacturer.


  • Electrolux acquires Duo-Therm Corporation - RV air conditioners, USA


  • Electrolux acquires Origoverken, Cookers and Ovens for pleasure craft, Sweden


  • Electrolux acquires A&E Systems - RV awnings and accessories, USA


  • Electrolux makes strategic decision to focus on its core retail business


  • Electrolux acquires Seitz - RV windows, Germany

2001 - Today, Becoming a global lifestyle brand

The new century marked the start of an independent Dometic. In 2001, following a strategic decision to focus on its core retail business, Electrolux divests its interests in the leisure market to EQT, a private equity firm. Dometic has to stand on its own feet. Which it does by staying true to its roots and relentlessly developing smart, often award-winning, solutions. More important acquisitions are made, further broadening the product range. Today, Dometic is not only a provider of solutions for mobile living. The company has become synonymous with an outdoor lifestyle which spans from your home patio and garden, to the adventurous wilderness. Dometic also provides products and solutions for professional users, for example restaurants and health care.


  • EQT III Ltd. acquires Electrolux assets and the Dometic operating and legal structure is created


  • Dometic acquires SeaLand - Pleasure Boat sanitation systems, USA


  • Dometic acquires TME - Pleasure boat air conditioners and refrigeration systems, USA


  • Dometic acquires TUS, Germany
  • Dometic acquires Polar Bay, USA
  • Dometic acquires Oyster, Spain


  • Dometic acquires Eskimo Ice (and Icebonics), USA


  • Dometic acquires SMEV, Italy
  • Dometic acquires WAECO, Germany


  • Dometic acquires DG Line Group, Russia
  • Dometic was taken over by funds administrated by EQT and Partners


  • Dometic acquires Livos Technologies


  • Dometic acquires the Prostor, RV awning business from Brustor NV, Belgium
  • Dometic acquires Atwood Mobile Products LLC, USA


  • Dometic is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Dometic divests its Medical business to Navis Capital Partners


  • Dometic acquires IPV, a German-based provider of coolers and other outdoor products
  • Dometic divests the seating and chassis component business of Atwood


  • Dometic acquires Oceanair, UK
  • Dometic acquires SeaStar Solutions, North America


  • Dometic acquires Kampa, UK


  • Dometic acquires Twin Eagles, North America
  • Dometic acquires Valterra Products, LLC, North America
  • Dometic acquires Enerdrive, Australia
  • Dometic acquires Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters, South Africa
  • Dometic acquires Zamp Solar, North America
  • Dometic acquires Büttner Elektroniks, Germany
  • Dometic acquires Igloo, North America
  • Dometic acquires Cadac International
  • Dometic acquires NDS Energy, Italy


  • Dometic acquires Treeline Capital LLC

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