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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Dometic shall according to the Articles of Association consist of three to eight members, with no more than three deputy members.

Dometic’s board of directors consists of eight ordinary members, including the chairman of the board, with no deputy board members, all of whom are elected for the a period of one year. The table below shows the members of the board of directors, when they were first elected and whether they are considered to be independent of the Company and/or the larger shareholder.

Name Postition Member since The Company and executive management The larger shareholder
Fredrik Cappelen Chairman 2013 Yes Yes
Rainer E. Schmücke Board member 2011 Yes Yes
Magnus Yngen Board member 2011 Yes Yes
Erik Olsson Board member 2015 Yes Yes
Jacqueline Hoogerbrugge Board member 2017 Yes Yes
Peter Sjölander Board member 2017 Yes Yes
Heléne Vibbleus Board member 2017 Yes Yes
Mengmeng Du Board member 2021 Yes Yes