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March 15, 2021. Restated financials for new segment structure

The restated financials include the following changes:

New segment structure

Aligned with the organizational change announced in February 2020 and implemented from 2021, Dometic will start to report financials according to new segments starting from the first quarter of 2021. This structure is replacing the previous region structure. The new segments are Americas, APAC, EMEA and Global. Disclosures per segment include Net sales, EBIT and Items affecting comparability.

From two to three sales channels

Group net sales is divided into three sales channels compared to two channels before. The new channels are OEM, Distribution, and Service and aftermarket.

Changed reporting between lines in income statement

Logistic costs is moved from Sales expenses to Cost of Goods sold. Product development costs is moved from Cost of Goods sold to Research and development expenses. The movements have no impact on Operating profit.